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Boeken van Robin Dunbar

Robin Dunbar
Thinking Big
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When and how did the brains of our hominin ancestors become human minds? When and why did our capacity for language or art, music and dance evolve? Meer
Nicholas J. Allen Hilary Callan Robin Dunbar Wendy James
Early Human Kinship
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Sponsored by the Royal Anthropological Institute, in conjunction with the British Academy, Early Human Kinship brings together original studies from leading figures in the biological sciences, social anthropology, archaeology, and linguistics to provide a major breakthrough in the debate over human evolution and the nature of society. Meer
Robin Dunbar Clive Gamble John Gowlett
Social Brain, Distributed Mind
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To understand who we are and why we are, we need to understand both modern humans and the ancestral stages that brought us to this point. The core to that story has been the role of evolving cognition -the social brain - in mediating the changes in behaviour that we see in the archaeological record. Meer
Clive Gamble John Gowlett Robin Dunbar
Evolution, Denken, Kultur
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