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Professional Product Owner

Leveraging Scrum as a Competitive Advantage

Paperback Engels 2018 9780134686479
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Product ownership is an utterly crucial role in most businesses. Scrum recognizes this - but unfortunately, many companies, agile resources, and training curricula focus primarily on the mechanics of product ownership. Mechanics are important, but only as a means to an end: value.

The 'Professional Product Owner' will help product owners and their organizations refocus on value as the primary objective. The authors offer detailed practices for identifying where value can be found, measuring it, and maximizing it throughout the entire product lifecycle.

Drawing on their combined 40+ years of experience in using agile and Scrum in product delivery, the authors show how to go beyond merely writing requirements and managing product backlogs, to take accountability and drive the process from vision to value.


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Professional Product Owner
Henny Portman | 11 februari 2019
The authors explain that you can call yourself a professional product owner if you can excite, can envision, can cause the product to emerge and you can manage and administer the product as it matures.
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Foreword xiii
Introduction xv
Acknowledgments xxi
About the Authors xxiii

Part I: Strategy 1
Chapter 1: Agile Product Management 3
Quiz 3
Product Mindset versus Project Mindset 4
What Is Product Management? 7
The Product Management Vacuum and the Three Vs 9
Product Management and Scrum 15
The Product Owner 18
Defining a Product 22
Quiz Review 31

Chapter 2: Vision 33
Quiz 33
Business Modeling 35
Product Vision 40
Technical Strategy 51
Quiz Review 53

Chapter 3: Value 55
Quiz 55
Value Defined 56
Delivering Value 57
Value Metrics 60
Evidence-Based Management 65
Tracking Metrics 83
Where Your Money Goes 85
Negative Value 86
Value Neutrality 89
Quiz Review 92

Chapter 4: Validation 93
Quiz 93
Stakeholder Feedback 95
Marketplace Feedback 97
Pivot or Persevere 104
Quiz Review 108

Part II: Scrum 109
Chapter 5: Empiricism 111
Quiz 111
It’s a Complex Problem 111
Certainty Quiz 115
Visualizing Complexity 116
Cynefin 118
Types of Complexity 126
Managing Risk 126
Quiz Review 133

Chapter 6: Scrum 135
Quiz 135
Why a Framework? 136
The Pillars of Scrum 139
Scrum Roles 141
Scrum Artifacts 154
Scrum Events 164
Iterative and Incremental 184
Agile Manifesto for Software Development 186
Quiz Review 188

Part III: Tactics 189
Chapter 7: Product Backlog Management 191
Quiz 191
What Is a Requirement? 192
Product Backlog Ordering 209
“Done” 215
“Ready” Is a Mindset 224
Story Mapping 232
Impact Mapping 236
Success Criteria 239
Specification by Example 241
Quiz Review 248

Chapter 8: Release Management 249
Quiz 249
Reasons to Release 250
Release Strategy 251
Estimation and Velocity 259
Scaling Products 267
Reporting 273
Budgeting 289
Governance and Compliance 294
Kickoff 300
Quality 304
Quiz Review 313

Chapter 9: The Professional Product Owner 315
Understanding Product Owner Success 316
Skills and Traits 318
Measuring Success 321

Index 323

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        Professional Product Owner