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Skin in the Game

Hidden asymmetries in daily life

Paperback Engels 2019 9780141982656
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Why should we never listen to people who explain rather than do? Why do companies go bust? How is it that we have more slaves today than in Roman times? Why does imposing democracy on other countries never work?

The answer: too many people running the world don't have skin in the game. In his inimitable, pugnacious style, Nassim Nicholas Taleb shows that skin in the game applies to all aspects of our lives. It's about having something to lose and taking a risk. Citizens, lab experimenters, artisans, political activists and hedge fund traders all have skin in the game. Policy wonks, corporate executives, theoreticians, bankers and most journalists don't.

As Taleb says, "The symmetry of skin in the game is a simple rule that's necessary for fairness and justice, and the ultimate BS-buster," and "Never trust anyone who doesn't have skin in the game. Without it, fools and crooks will benefit, and their mistakes will never come back to haunt them".


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Een rem op de menselijke overmoed
Jeroen Ansink | 28 mei 2018
Leiders die persoonlijk weinig te verliezen hebben, horen niet in het spel thuis, schrijft Nassim Nicholas Taleb in Skin in the game. Het boek biedt een interessante analyse op het gebied van systeemrisico, maar loopt vast op moraliteit.
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Over Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Na een carrière op Wall Street als succesvol handelaar, doet Nassim Nicholas Taleb het nu rustiger aan als filosoof, flaneur, essayist en distinguished professor aan New York University. Van hem verschenen tevens bij Nieuwezijds 'Het bed van Procrustes' en 'Misleid door toeval'.

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Book 1: Introduction
Part 1: Antaeus Whacked
Part 2: A Brief tour of symmetry
Prologue, Part 3: The ribs of the incerto
Appendix: Asymmetries in life and things

Book 2: A first look at agency
1 Why each one should eat his own turtles: Equality in uncertainty

Book 3: That greatest asymmetry
2 The most intolerant wins: The dominance of the stubborn minority
Appendix to Book 3: A few more counterintuitive things about the collective

Book 4: Wolves among dogs
3 How to legally own another person
4 The skin of other in your game

Book 5: Being alive means taking certain risks
5 Life in the simulation machine
6 The intellectual yet idiot
7 Inequality and skin in the game
8 An expert called Lindy

Book 6: Deeper into agency
9 Surgeons should not look like surgeons
10 Only the rich are poisoned: The preferences of others
11 Facta non Verba (Deeds before Words)
12 The facts are true, the news is fake
13 The merchandising of virtue
14 Peace, neither ink nor blood

Book 7: Religion, belief, and skin in the game
15 They don't know what they are talking about when they talk about religion
16 No worship without skin in the game
17 Is the pope atheist?

Book 8: Risk and rationality
18 How to be rational about rationality
19 The logic of risk taking

Epilogue: What Lindy told me
Technical appendix

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        Skin in the Game