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The law of state immunity

Paperback Engels 2015 9780198744412
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The doctrine of state immunity bars national courts from adjudicating or enforcing claims against foreign states. This revised and updated edition provides a thorough analysis of the doctrine, explores high-profile cases, the UN Convention on the Jurisdictional Immunities of States, and provides comparative coverage of UK and US State practice.


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Part I: General Concepts
1: The Institution of Proceedings and the Nature of the Plea of State Immunity
2: The Three Models of the Concept of State Immunity
3: The Plea of State Immunity Distinguished from Act of State and Non-justiciability
4: State Immunity and Jurisdiction: Immunity from the Civil and Criminal Jurisdiction of National Courts
Part II: The Sources of the Law of State Immunity
5: A Review of the Sources: Treaties and Projects for Codification
6: The Restrictive Doctrine of State Immunity: Its Recognition in State Practice
7: English Law: The UK State Immunity Act 1978
8: US Law: The Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act 1976
9: The 2004 UN Convention on Jurisdictional Immunities of States and their Property: General Aspects
Part III: The Current International Law of State Immunity
10: The Definition of the Foreign State
11: The Consent of the Foreign State: Waiver and the Arbitration Exception
12: The Concept of Commerciality
13: Immunity from Adjudication: The Proceedings in which Immunity Cannot be Invoked, the Commerical and Other Exceptions
14: Immunity from Adjudication: The Employment Exception in Respect of (1) A Foreign State and (2) An International Organization
15: Immunity from Adjudication: The Territorial Tort Exception
16: State Immunity from Enforcement: General Aspects
17: The Three Exceptions to Immunity from Enforcement and the Five Categories of State Property Listed as Immune
Part IV: Other Immunities
18: Immunity of Individuals Acting on Behalf of the States
19: International Organizations and Special Regimes
Part V: Conclusions
20: Taking Stock
Appendix: The United Nations Convention on Jurisdictional Immunities of States and Their Property

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        The law of state immunity