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Complete Criminal Law

Text, Cases and Materials

Paperback Engels 2016 9780198753292
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'Complete Criminal Law: Text, Cases, & Materials' offers a student-centered approach to the criminal law syllabus. A clear and concise explanation of general legal principles is combined with fully integrated extracts from the leading cases and a wide range of academic materials. The extracts have been carefully selected to ensure that they are detailed enough to illustrate the point of law under consideration, but succinct enough not to disrupt the flow of the text or to intimidate the student new to the study of criminal law.

The book has been carefully structured with the needs of the student firmly in mind. Each chapter begins with basic principles, and gradually covers all the core topics a student needs to know. Unique to this textbook is the extent to which the law is placed firmly in its social context. This will reinforce understanding by relating essential aspects of the law to vital social and moral problems.

Throughout the text a range of learning features are employed to consolidate understanding and encourage application: 'thinking points' containing reflective and short answer questions, definition boxes, summary points, diagrams, and problem/essay questions (with guidance on answering all questions on the accompanying Online Resource Centre). Chapter summaries and further reading recommendations provide the perfect springboard for further research.

This innovative text aims to engage the reader in an active approach to learning and to stimulate reflection about the role of criminal law in society.


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1. Introduction and general principles
2. Actus reus: Acts, omissions, and causation
3. Mens rea: Intention, recklessness, negligence, and gross negligence
4. Strict, vicarious, and corporate liability
5. Secondary participation: Parties to a crime
6. Homicide I: Murder
7. Homicide II: Voluntary and involuntary manslaughter
8. Defences of incapacity and mental conditions
9. Defences of compulsion
10. Non-fatal offences against the person
11. Sexual offences
12. Property offences I: Theft, robbery, handling
13. Property offences II: Fraud and making off without payment
14. Property offences III: Burglary, aggravated burglary, blackmail, and criminal damage
15. Inchoate offences: Attempt, conspiracy, and assisting and encouraging under The Serious Crime Act 2007

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        Complete Criminal Law