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Coaching With NLP For Dummies

Paperback Engels 2011 9780470972267
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How to become an NLP practitioner?or supercharge your coaching skills with NLP

One of the most popular methods for helping people achieve their life aspirations?Neuro–Linguistic Programmming, or NLP, holds the key to remaking one′s future. NLP encourages users to re–create the thought patterns common to those who excel, a process that helps gradually weed out negative or habitual thinking. Using the key elements of NLP?developing a coaching relationship, shedding light on patterns, managing emotional states, and shaping an agenda for change?this practical, inspiring guide offers the tools for helping your clients upgrade the quality of their personal or professional lives.

Reveals ten powerful coaching questions, ten traps to avoid in coaching, and ten ways to enhance your coaching skills
Offers tips on laying the foundation for success and quick win sessions
Insights on how to tap into passion and purpose?and making goals come alive
Methods for coaching yourself or your team and coaching through conflict
Other books by Burton: NLP For Dummies, NLP Workbook For Dummies, and Building Self–Confidence For Dummies

Ideal for those working towards becoming an NLP practitioner or master coach, Coaching with NLP For Dummies is a guidebook to life transformation?for both client and practitioner.


Aantal pagina's:400
Uitgever:John Wiley & Sons


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<p>Part I: Introducing NLP Coaching.</p>
<p>Chapter 1: Combining Coaching and NLP for Great Results.</p>
<p>Chapter 2: Gathering the Essential NLP Skills.</p>
<p>Chapter 3: Developing Your Coaching Alliances.</p>
<p>Part II: Building Core Coaching Skills.</p>
<p>Chapter 4: Shaping the Agenda for Change.</p>
<p>Chapter 5: Going for Quick–Win Sessions.</p>
<p>Chapter 6: Getting Greater Clarity.</p>
<p>Chapter 7: Making Goals Come Alive.</p>
<p>Part III: Deepening Your Awareness.</p>
<p>Chapter 8: Tuning into Values.</p>
<p>Chapter 9: Tapping into Passion and Purpose.</p>
<p>Chapter 10: Shedding Light on Patterns.</p>
<p>Chapter 11: Developing Better Strategies.</p>
<p>Part IV: Working Through Drama, Decisions and Dilemmas.</p>
<p>Chapter 12: Strengthening Relationships in Tough Times.</p>
<p>Chapter 13: Moving through Life′s Disappointments.</p>
<p>Chapter 14: Coaching through Conflict.</p>
<p>Chapter 15: Smoothing Career Peaks and Troughs.</p>
<p>Part V: Advancing Your NLP Coaching Repertoire.</p>
<p>Chapter 16: Turning Time to Your Advantage.</p>
<p>Chapter 17: Shifting Experiences with Submodalities.</p>
<p>Chapter 18: Managing Emotional States.</p>
<p>Chapter 19: Connecting All Parts of a Person.</p>
<p>Part VI: The Part of Tens.</p>
<p>Chapter 20: Ten Powerful Coaching Questions.</p>
<p>Chapter 21: Ten Traps to Avoid in Coaching.</p>
<p>Chapter 22: Ten Ways to Enhance Your Coaching Skills.</p>

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        Coaching With NLP For Dummies