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R for Dummies

Paperback Engels 2015 9781119055808
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All the R you need for statistical and data analysis, explained in plain English!

Do you have to use R on the job, but you don′t know much about programming? Relax! Here′s a quick and painless guide to using R for all sorts of statistical and data analysis. Through real–world examples and step–by–step exercises you′ll learn how to reshape and manipulate data, perform calculations, create graphical representations, and more.

- Get started with R acquire and install R, learn what makes R unique, compare code editors, and write your first R script
- Play well with others see how R interacts with Excel and other programs and why statisticians and data analysts favor it
- R ABCs make your code clear and explore functions and arguments
- A calculating side take advantage of R′s calculating power, working with numbers, infinity, missing values, mathematical functions, and vectors
- Get textual use character vectors for text data, manipulate text, and work with strings and factors
- Data tells a tale manipulate and process data using subsets, merge data from different sources, sort it, and summarize using statistical techniques
- Go graphic present your data visually using plots and lattice graphics

Open the book and find:
- User packages that extend R
- Tips for getting data into and out of R
- How R handles basic arithmetic
- What to do with regression models
- Advice on managing the logical flow
- Effective debugging strategies
- How to incorporate dates and times
- Additional graphics packages you can use


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Over Andrie de Vries

Andrie de Vries is a market research consultant specializing in surveys, statistical analysis, and strategy.

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Over Joris Meys

Joris Meys is a statistician and R programmer with the faculty of bio-engineering at the University of Ghent.

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Part 1: R You Ready?
1. Introducing R: The Big Picture
2. Exploring R
3. The Fundamentals of R

Part 2: Getting Down to Work in R
4. Getting Started with Arithmetic
5. Getting Started with Reading and Writing
6. Going on a Date with R
7. Working in More Dimensions

Part 3: Coding in R
8. Putting the Fun in Functions
9. Controlling the Logical Flow
10. Debugging Your Code
11. Getting Help

Part 4: Making the Data Talk
12. Getting Data into and out of R
13. Manipulating and Processing Data
14. Summarizing Data
15. Testing Differences and Relations

Part 5: Working with Graphics
16. Using Base Graphics
17. Creating Faceted Graphics with Lattice
18. Looking At ggplot2 Graphics

Part 6: The Part of Tens
19. Ten Things You Can Do in R That You Would've Done in Microsoft Excel
20. Ten Tips on Working with Packages

Appendix: Installing R and RStudio


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        R for Dummies