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Flawless Consulting

A guide to getting your expertise used

Gebonden Engels 2023 9781394177301
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An expert discussion of the timeless fundamentals and latest tools that form the foundation of successful influencing

Renowned consultant and author Peter Block delivers the latest and fourth edition of his best-selling Flawless Consulting, an intuitive and insightful step-by-step guide to the five phases of effective consulting. The book offers a deep exploration of the skills, tools, and behaviors required to successfully influence others. You'll see exactly what you need to say and do to help others achieve their goals, whether you are an internal or external consultant or anyone in a leadership position who wants to build effective partnerships in business, healthcare, education, or community work.

Along with newly updated examples, case studies, stories, and suggestions for putting the flawless consulting process into everyday practice, you'll find:

- A new section for consultants living in a highly virtual world that explains how to achieve authentic engagement with your clients in virtual and hybrid environments
- Invaluable information for leaders and internal consultants operating within their organizations
- Concise and digestible techniques for successful contracting and discovery

For over 40 years Flawless Consulting has been the go-to guide to building trust and structuring meaningful partnerships with others for greater influence and impact. This latest edition ensures that the book will remain the gold standard in the industry for many years to come.


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Over Peter Block

Peter Block is oprichter en partner van het opleidingsinstituut Designed Learning Inc., en het adviesbureau Block Petrella Weisbord Inc. Andere internationale bestsellers van zijn hand: 'Empowerment in organisaties' en 'Rentmeesterschap'. Hij is een veelgevraagd spreker en al meer dan dertig jaar actief als adviseur van overheden, bedrijven en instellingen over de hele wereld.

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Introduction: What is Enduring | What is New | Keeping it Simple xi

Chapter 1 A Consultant by Any Other Name 1

Part 1 Fundamentals 11
Chapter 2 Techniques Are Not Enough 13
Chapter 3 Being Right–Really 25
Chapter 4 Flawless Consulting 41

Part 2 Entry and Contracting 53
Chapter 5 Contracting Overview 55
Chapter 6 The Contracting Meeting 69
Chapter 7 Some Nuances of Contracting 87
Chapter 8 Some Agonies of Contracting 97
Chapter 9 The Internal Consultant's Dilemma 117

Part 3 More Fundamentals 125
Chapter 10 Understanding Resistance 127
Chapter 11 Dealing with Resistance 145
Chapter 12 Technology: A Marriage of Myth, Convenience, and the Virtual Hour 155

Part 4 Discovery and Underlying Concerns 163
Chapter 13 From Diagnosis to Discovery 165
Chapter 14 Whole-System Discovery 177
Chapter 15 Discovering Gifts, Capacities, and Acting on What We Know 183

Part 5 Analysis and the Decision to Act 203
Chapter 16 Focusing on the Picture 205
Chapter 17 Preparing for Feedback 217
Chapter 18 Managing the Meeting for Action 225

Part 6 Engagement and Implementation 239
Chapter 19 Implementation 241
Chapter 20 The Structures of Engagement 249

Part 7 Extension, Recycle, or Termination 263
Chapter 21 Transformation Will Not Be Televised, Livestreamed, or Managed 265
Online Appendix: Handy Checklists You Can Use 275

Further Reading 277

Acknowledgments 279
About The Author 283
Index 285

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