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Innovation and Marketing in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Emerging Practices, Research, and Policies

Paperback Engels 2016 9781493952304
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The pharmaceutical industry is one of today’s most dynamic and complex industries, involving commercialization of cutting-edge scientific research, a huge web of stakeholders (from investors to doctors), multi-stage supply chains, fierce competition in the race to market, and a challenging regulatory environment.  The stakes are high, with each new product raising the prospect of spectacular success—or failure.  Worldwide revenues are approaching $1 trillion; in the U.S. alone, marketing for pharmaceutical products is, itself, a multi-billion dollar industry.  In this volume, the editors showcase contributions from experts around the world to capture the state of the art in research, analysis, and practice, and covering the full spectrum of topics relating to innovation and marketing, including R&D, promotion, pricing, branding, competitive strategy, and portfolio management.  Chapters include such features as:

·         An extensive  literature review, including coverage of research from fields other than marketing

·         an overview of how practitioners have addressed the topic

·         introduction of relevant analytical tools, such as statistics and ethnographic studies

·         suggestions for further research by scholars and students


The result is a comprehensive, state-of-the-art resource that will be of interest to researchers, policymakers, and practitioners, alike.



Uitgever:Springer New York


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<p>Chapter 1 The Pharmaceutical Industry: Specificity, Challenges and What You Can Learn from this Book.- Chapter 2 Innovation in the Pharmaceutical Industry: The Process of Drug Discovery and Development.- Chapter 3 Portfolio Management in New Drug Development.- Chapter 4 Grassroots Innovation: A Promising Innovation Paradigm for Pharmaceutical Companies.- Chapter 5 New Challenges in Alliance Portfolio Management.- Chapter 6 Evaluating the Impact of Treatment Effectiveness and Side Effects in Prescribing Choices.- Chapter 7 The Successful Launch and Diffusion of New Therapies.- Chapter 8 Pharmaceutical Lifecycle Extension Strategies.- Chapter 9 Patent Expiry and Pharmaceutical Market Opportunities at the Nexus of Pricing and Innovation Policy.- Chapter 10 Risk Assessment: The Consumer as an Intuitive Statistician.- Chapter 11 Efficacy Expectations and Adherence: Evidence of Consumer Biases and Heuristics in Pharmaceutical Marketing.- Chapter 12 Factors Affecting Adherence to Governmental Health Warnings and the Case of Over-the-Counter Cough and Cold Medications (OTC-CCM) in Children Under Two.- Chapter 13 Vaccine Marketing.- Chapter 14 Patient Empowerment: Consequences for Pharmaceutical Marketing and for the Patient-Physician Relationship.- Chapter 15  Leveraging Peer-to-Peer Networks in Pharmaceutical Marketing.- Chapter 16 Leveraging Social Media in the Pharmaceutical Industry.- Chapter 17 Understanding Sample Usage and Sampling as a Promotion Tool: State of Industry Practice and Current Research.- Chapter 18 Pharmaceutical Detailing Elasticities: A Meta-Analysis.- Chapter 19 Marketing Spending Models.- Chapter 20 Modeling the Effects of Promotional Efforts on Pharmaceutical Demand: What We Know and Challenges for the Future.- Chapter 21 Direct-to-Consumer Advertising of Pharmaceuticals: An Integrative Review.- Chapter 22 How DTCA Influences Prescription Pharmaceutical Markets.- Chapter 23 Spillovers and Other Externalities in Pharmaceutical Marketing.- Chapter 24 Closing the Marketing Strategy-Tactics Gap: An Institutional Theory Analysis of Pharmaceutical Value Chain.</p>

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        Innovation and Marketing in the Pharmaceutical Industry