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Positive Leadership

Paperback Engels 2012 9781609945664
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The first edition introduced the newly emerging field called Positive Organizational Scholarship. Rather than focusing on organizational dysfunction, Positive Organizational Scholarship looks at organizations that are functioning at an unusually high level. Learning from such successful groups about what they did right forms the backbone of the strategy, because strategies that capitalize on the positive tend to produce life-giving, flourishing outcomes in organizations.The four strategies discussed in the first edition included the cultivation of positive climate, positive relationships, positive communication, and positive meaning. Each strategy is explained and illustrated. In this revised edition, the author will add the following materials:

Chapter 1: Outlining three outcomes associated with positive leadership and one more example.
Chapter 2: Adding some empirical findings linking attributes of climate with physiological benefits.
Chapter 3: A brief discussion of temporary encounters with positive or negative outcomes.
Chapter 4: Additional research on the results of the positive-to-negative-communication-ratio.
Chapter 5: Elaboration on the issue of meaningfulness in work.
Chapter 6: More ideas for implementation


Trefwoorden:strategie, leiderschap
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Over Kim Cameron

Kim S. Cameron is verbonden aan de Marriott School of Management van Brigham Young University. Hij adviseert multinationale ondernemingen, overheids- en onderwijsinstellingen op het gebied van veranderingsmanagement en organisatieculturen.

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Preface to the Second Edition
Chapter 1: Positive Leadership
Chapter 2: Positive Climate
Chapter 3: Positive Relationships
Chapter 4: Positive Communication
Chapter 5: Positive Meaning
Chapter 6: Implementing Positive Strategies
Chapter 7: Developing Positive Leadership

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        Positive Leadership