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Formula X

How to Reach Extreme Acceleration in Your Organization

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'Formula X' is a business fable about speed, leadership and organizational change.

Many organizations struggle to adapt to our fundamentally faster world. For companies and professionals, it often feels like they have to make an ultimate choice: quality or speed. But speed does not have to result in bad work―and Formula 1 motor racing proves this.

Within the two weeks between races, they perform the enormous job of analyzing all data, designing and producing new components, shipping, assembling and testing. How do they do that? And what can we learn from F1 in applying these lessons to our workplaces?

Formula X tells the story of Ronald Park, director of a large kitchen manufacturer. He will lose his job if he fails to significantly reduce the delivery time of his kitchens to under two weeks. As he takes up this challenge, he manages to get his organization closer to this goal, step by step. He receives unexpected help from the team captain of a well-known Formula 1 team.

Ronald successfully implements several F1 lessons in his company. But just when Ronald thinks he made it, things change to the worse. How will he manage? How will he keep his company alive?

In 'Formula X' you will learn the secrets to reaching extreme acceleration in your organization!


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Formula X
Henny Portman | 24 maart 2020
Jurriaan Kamer and Rini van Solingen are the authors of Formula X - How to reach extreme acceleration in your organization? It’s a business fable that shows which steps you should take to drastically accelerate the time-to-market in your own organization.
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Over Jurriaan Kamer

Jurriaan Kamer is spreker, organisatieontwerper en transformatiecoach. Jurriaan is expert op het gebied van anders organiseren. Hij is geobsedeerd door moderne organisaties en hoe je een bestaande organisatie kunt transformeren. Daarnaast is hij al jaren enthousiast volger en bezoeker van de Formule 1. Hij is Partner bij The Ready, een organisatiedesign- en transformatiebureau gericht op de toekomst van werk. Via The Ready helpt hij leiders om hun organisaties te bevrijden van de regels, gewoontes en mindsets die voor vertraging zorgen, zodat werk sneller, wendbaarder, menselijker en leuker wordt."

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Over Rini van Solingen

Rini van Solingen is adviseur en coach op het gebied van Agile/Scrum projectmanagement en softwareontwikkeling, en leidt daarnaast het onderzoek en onderwijs over gedistribueerde softwareontwikkeling aan de TU Delft.

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The Fable
Part 1: Free Practice
Part 2: Qualifying
Part 3: The Race
Part 4: Restart
Part 5: Final Lap
Part 6: Finish Line

The Model
F: Focus and Clarity
A: Accelerate Decisions
S: Simplify
T: Team Engagement
E: Elementary Physics
R: Rhythmic Learning

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