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The New Common

How the COVID-19 Pandemic is Transforming Society

Paperback Engels 2021 9783030653545
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This open access book presents the scientific views of some fifty experts on how they believe the COVID-19 pandemic is currently affecting society, and how it will continue to do so in the years to come. Using the concept of a “common” (in the sense of common values, common places, common goods, and common sense), they elaborate on the transition from an Old Common to a New Common. In carefully crafted chapters, the authors address expected shifts in major fields like health, education, finance, business, work, and citizenship, applying concepts from law, psychology, economics, sociology, religious studies, and computer science to do so. Many of the authors anticipate an acceleration of the digital transformation in the forthcoming years, but at the same time, they argue that a successful shift to a new common can only be achieved by re-evaluating life on our planet, strengthening resilience at an individual level, and assuming more responsibility at a societal level.


Uitgever:Springer International Publishing


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The Dawn of a New Common.- Covidspiracy: Old Wine in New Barrels?.- Do Not Pass Up the Opportunity!.- Internet Access as an Essential Social Good.- In-Work Poverty in Times of COVID-19.- Being a Collective Jeremiah.- COVID-19 and the Secular Theodicy.- Online Proctoring Put to the Test.- Experiences of People With an Intellectual Disability, Their Relatives and Support Staff With COVID-19: The Value of Vital Supportive Relationships.- Labor Supply and Well-Being During the Early Stages of the COVID-19 Crisis in the Netherlands: Lessons from Microdata.- The Economy, Nature, and the Meaning of Life After the Coronavirus Crisis.- Litigating the Crisis: Towards a Rebalancing of the Rights of Investors versus Public Interest?.- Plus Ça Change ...? How the COVID-19 Crisis May Lead to a Revaluation of the Local.- Perspectives on the Common: The Input of Literature.- Shaping the Post-COVID 19 Agenda: A Call for Responsible Leadership.- The Sciences During the New Common: A Missed Opportunity?.- Growing Up in Times of COVID-19: When a Window of Opportunity Is Temporarily Closed.- To Solve the Coronavirus Crisis: Click Here.- The Comeback of the Old Theological Narratives During the Coronavirus Crisis: A Critical Reflection.- Rethinking Education in a Crisis: How New Is a New Common Really?.- Involve Residents to Ensure Person-Centered Nursing Home Care During Crises Like the COVID-19 Outbreak.- Crisis Information Management: From Technological Potential to Societal Impact.- Efficient Scientific Self-Correction in Times of Crisis.- Fortified Nudges? Protecting the Vulnerable in a Post-COVID Society.- Can AI Help to Avert the Environmental Great Filter?.- Values and Principles as Cornerstones of a Renewed Normal.- A New Democratic Norm(al)? Political Legitimacy Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic.- Balancing Public Health and Economic Interests Whilst Creating New Opportunities for Labor Migrants.- Is COVID-19 a Crime? A Criminological Perspective.- There's an App for That: Technological Solutionism as COVID-19 Policy in the Global North.- Fast Forward Science: Risks and Benefits in the Rapid Science of COVID-19.- Afterword by Wim van de Donk.

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        The New Common