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Better Work

The Impact of Automation, Flexibilization and Intensification of Work

Paperback Engels 2021 9783030786847
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This Open Access book provides a thorough analysis of the quality of work in the Netherlands, and suggests policy proposals to promote and facilitate good work for more people. New technology, flexibilization and the intensification of work will have significant consequences for all those who will still have jobs in the future, and – much less studied so far – for the quality of their work. Good work is essential for general well-being: for the individual’s quality of life, for the economy and for society. Good work for everyone should therefore be seen as an important aspiration for companies, institutions, social partners and governments. An essential read for an international audience of academics in the field of the sociology of work, labor economics and social policy, as well as for policymakers and researchers of trade unions, and representatives of other social movements.


Uitgever:Springer International Publishing


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<p>Chapter 1 Introduction</p><p>1.1&nbsp; Three major developments: automation, flexibilization and intensification</p><p>1.2 Better work as a societal mission</p>1.3 Concerns about the quality of work<p></p><p>1.4 Better work and well-being</p><p>1.5 In this book</p><p>A day at work: the truck driver</p><p><br></p><p>Chapter 2. The importance of better work<br></p><p>2.1 The meaning of paid work</p><p>2.2 Good work: insights from the social sciences </p><p>2.3 Conditions for good work</p><p>2.4 Consequences of good work for the individual, the economy and society</p><p>2.5 Conclusion: good work means control</p><p>A day at work: the primary-school teacher</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Part 1.&nbsp; Good work: development and current status</p><p>Chapter 3. Control over income </p>3.1 Insecure work<p></p><p>3.2 Social security and insecurity</p><p>3.3 Repair or revise</p><p>3.4 Security of employment and professional development</p><p>3.5 Wage development</p><p>3.6 Conclusion: control over income requires more security and less inequality </p><p>A day at work: the order picker</p>&nbsp;<p></p><p>Chapter 4. Control over work</p><p>4.1 Busier than ever? The intensification of work</p><p>4.2 Autonomy as Achilles’ heel</p><p>4.3 Camaraderie at work</p><p>4.4 Differences in control over work: education and occupation</p><p>4.5 Who is responsible for control over work?</p><p>4.6 Conclusion: control over work requires more autonomy and camaraderie</p><p>A day at work: the IT worker</p><p>&nbsp;</p>Chapter 5. Control in life<p></p><p>5.1 Part-time work, or looking after number one</p><p>5.2 Paid leave</p><p>5.3 Control over working hours</p><p>5.4 Blurring boundaries</p><p>5.5 Conclusion: control in life requires more than just part-time work</p><p>Part 1 – Conclusion: work could be better</p><p>A day at work: the retail floor manager</p><p>&nbsp;</p>Part 2. Work for all<p></p><p>Chapter 6. Everyone into work</p>6.1 Technological developments<p></p><p>6.2 Flexible labour market </p><p>6.3 Intensification of work</p><p>6.4 Policies to help people into work</p><p>6.5 Conclusion: new vulnerabilities, new policy challenges</p>A day at work: the chartered accountant<p></p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Part 3. The new societal mission</p>Chapter 7. Room to choose good work<p></p><p>7.1 Globalization with policy space</p><p>7.2 Technology does not just happen</p><p>7.3 Investing in good work</p><p>7.4 A task for government</p><p>7.5 Conclusion: room for choice?</p><p>A day at work: the homecare worker</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Chapter 8. Better work: conclusions and recommendations</p>8.1 Good work is under pressure<p></p><p>8.2 Security of income</p><p>8.3 More control over work</p><p>8.4 Work-life balance</p><p>8.5 Better work as an objective of public policy</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p> </p><p>Bibliography</p><p></p>

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        Better Work