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Legal regimes for environmental protection

Governance for climate change and ocean resources

Ingenaaid Engels 2015 9789004302822
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'Legal Regimes for Environmental Protection' offer important new insights into legal questions on climate change at a regional level and the legal instruments available to address environmental problems on critical maritime topics. An international group of eminent authors put forward proposals for solving legal challenges in International Law, European Law and domestic law. Important themes including national climate protection law regulations (e.g. in the U.S.A., the EU, China and South Africa), regulations on International Fisheries, Mariculture and Environmental Protection, Regional Fisheries Management Organisations, Overfishing and Ocean Governance are addressed. This volume is of particular relevance for academic and practicing lawyers with an interest in the recent legal discussions on climate change law and Environmental Law of the Sea.


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Hans-Joachim Koch, Doris König

A. Current National and Regional Climate Protection Law

I. General Remarks

CHAPTER 1: Global Warming Continues, International Climate Politics Keeps Failing
Mojib Latif

II. National Climate Protection Law: A Basis for International Success

CHAPTER 2: The Sleeping Giant Awakes: US Actions to Mitigate Climate Disruption
David Driesen

CHAPTER 3: Climate Change and the Law in Japan
Yukari Takamura

CHAPTER 4: Climate and Energy Policy in the EU and Germany at a Crossroads
Simon Marr

CHAPTER 5: Climate Change Law in China: Is Renewable Energy Law an Effective Tool for Combating Climate Change?
Nengye Liu

CHAPTER 6: Climate Change, Law and Development in Africa: A Reflection on Selected Aspects, Relations and Responses
Oliver C. Ruppel

B. Marine Environmental Protection and World Nutrition

I. General Remarks

CHAPTER 7: The Current State of International Fisheries and the Protection of Extensively Overfished Fish Stocks
Manfred Niekisch, Markus Salomon, Stefanie Jung

CHAPTER 8: Mariculture and Environmental Protection – Problems and Regulatory Strategies
Jorge Bermúdez Soto

CHAPTER 9: Regional Fisheries Management Organisations and their Efforts and Measures to Regulate Fishing Activities
Rosemary Rayfuse

II. Overfishing

CHAPTER 10: A New Basic Regulation for the EU Common Fisheries Policy: A Post-Reform Inventory
Till Markus

CHAPTER 11: Enforcement Issues in Norwegian Fisheries Law
Tore Henriksen

CHAPTER 12: New Steps in the Control of Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated Fishing
Gabriela A. Oanta

III. Mariculture

CHAPTER 13: Licensing and Permit Requirements: Norway
Martin Bryde

CHAPTER 14: Licensing and Permit Requirements: Scotland
Matthew Gubbins

CHAPTER 15: Product-Related Regulation: Certification of Mariculture Products
Magreet van Vilsteren

CHAPTER 16: Discussion Summary Working Group: Mariculture
Arndt Schmehl

IV. Ocean Governance

CHAPTER 17: The Evolving Framework for International Navigation in the Arctic
Aldo Chircop

CHAPTER 18: Compliance with the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea: Problems and Prospects
Robin Churchill

CHAPTER 19: A Jurisprudential Reflection on Marine Environmental State Jurisdiction
Bénédicte Sage-Fuller

CHAPTER 20: Regional Cooperations in Marine Environmental Law
Dorota J. Englender

C. Conclusion

CHAPTER 21: Conclusion
Joachim Sanden, Roda Verheyen


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        Legal regimes for environmental protection