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Core Concepts in the Dutch Civil Code

Continuously in Motion

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Whereas the Dutch Civil Code has been amended many times since its entry into force in 1992, these concepts form a permanent core. However, these concepts today are not what they were in 1992. Although the core concepts themselves are a constant factor within the Civil Code, the meaning of these concepts is not fixed. The core concepts in the Dutch Civil Code are continuously in motion.

This observation in itself is not of recent date. New, however, is the increased influence of transnational developments on the Dutch core concepts. Not only EU Directives and Regulations and the case law of the European Court of Justice have an impact on Dutch concepts, but these concepts may also be influenced by e.g. the European Convention on Fundamental Rights and Freedoms and the case law of the European Court of Human Rights, by international treaties and by instruments such as the various sets of Principles.


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Understanding private law. On the work of Hans Nieuwenhuis, 1944-2015
M.T. Beumers, C.G. Breedveld-de Voogd, A.G. Castermans, E.J.M. Cornelissen,
R. de Graaff, M. Haentjens, J.J.H. Hermeling,
T. van der Linden, G.M. Veldt, S. Voskamp & J.A. van der Weide 1

PART I – Contract 15

1. The concept of nullity
Jac. Hijma 17

2. Redelijkheid en billijkheid: a view from English law
J. Cartwright 39

3. The impact of the ADR Directive on article 7:904 par. 1 DCC explored. What is ‘unacceptable according to standards of reasonableness and fairness’ after the implementation of the Directive?
M.W. Knigge & E.N. Verhage 61

4. Failure in performance of an obligation in Dutch law: a confusing mix of national, transnational and linguistic interpretation
M. van Kogelenberg 89

PART II – Tort 107

5. Harmonising tort law. Exploring the concept of fault
P.C.J. De Tavernier & J.A. van der Weide 109

6. Prescription. A private-law concept at the forefront of fundamental rights protection
R. de Graaff 141

PART III – Institution 167

7. Discharge of parental authority: considerations regarding the compatibility of the new provision of the Dutch Civil Code with the European Convention on Human Rights.
M.R. Bruning & S. Florescu 169
8. Some observations on the nature of the company, especially against the backdrop of the duty of directors to be guided by its best interests
C. de Groot 187

9. Shareholders’ right to put items on the agenda of the general meeting: colliding perspectives on a core right of shareholders
T.C.A. Dijkhuizen & J. Nijland 211

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        Core Concepts in the Dutch Civil Code