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Arbitration in Belgium

A Practitioner's Guide

Gebonden Engels 2016 9789041152251
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Despite the obvious advantages accruing from its central location and the presence of the EU institutions in its capital city Brussels, Belgium has never fully fulfilled its potential to emerge as an attractive jurisdiction for international arbitration. Now, however, with the adoption in 2013 of an entirely new arbitration law, and the accompanying overhaul of the rules of CEPANI, the Belgian Centre for Arbitration and Mediation, Brussels is poised to progress rapidly towards the top rank of European and global seats of arbitration. This is the first comprehensive treatise in English to provide practical guidance to arbitration practitioners, in-house counsel, and judges on how to conduct arbitrations in Belgium. To facilitate its use, it is structured as an article-by-article commentary on the 2013 Law addressing the following aspects of each article:
-the purpose of the provision;
-comparison with the UNCITRAL Model Law on Commercial Arbitration;
-party autonomy;
-issues of costs; and
-interplay with the rules of other major arbitration institutions and the New York Convention.

The core of each article commentary is an in-depth analysis that provides recommendations to practitioners and judges. The analysis goes beyond the contents of the commented article and deals with related issues that are not addressed expressly in the Law but may be of relevance for the issues covered in the provision in question. Arbitration professionals will find here convincing evidence of the liberal system for arbitration now prevailing in Belgium, along with rules that reflect the most recent trends in international practice. The description and analysis offered are sure to contribute to the recognition of Belgium as a global arbitral jurisdiction.

-First detailed description and analysis of Belgium’s 2013 Law on Arbitration in English
-Provides practical guidance to different stakeholders on how to exercise procedural economy and structure the arbitral proceedings
-In-depth article-by-article commentary on Belgium’s 2013 Law on Arbitration


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Introduction Olivier CAPRASSE.

1. General Provisions: Articles 1676 to 1680. Article 1676 Niuscha BASSIRI & Maud PIERS. Article 1677 Erica STEIN. Article 1678 Erica STEIN. Article 1679 Erica STEIN. Article 1680 Maarten DRAYE.
2. Arbitration Agreement. Articles 1681 to 1683. Article 1681 Maud PIERS. Article 1682 Maarten DRAYE & Erica STEIN. Article 1683 Niuscha BASSIRI.
3. Composition of Arbitral Tribunal: Articles 1684 to 1689. Article 1684 Maarten DRAYE. Article 1685 Maarten DRAYE. Article 1686 Maarten DRAYE. Article 1687 Maarten DRAYE. Article 1688 Maarten DRAYE. Article 1689 Maarten DRAYE.
4. Jurisdiction of Arbitral Tribunal: Articles 1690 to 1698. Article 1690 Niuscha BASSIRI. Article 1691 Niuscha BASSIRI. Article 1692 Niuscha BASSIRI. Article 1693 Niuscha BASSIRI. Article 1694 Niuscha BASSIRI. Article 1695 Niuscha BASSIRI.. Article 1696 Niuscha BASSIRI. Article 1697 Niuscha BASSIRI. Article 1698 Niuscha BASSIRI & Maarten DRAYE.
5. Conduct of Arbitral Proceedings: Articles 1699 to 1709. Article 1699 Caroline VERBRUGGEN. Article 1700Maarten DRAYE. Article 1701 Erica STEIN. Article 1702 Erica STEIN. Article 1703 Erica STEIN. Article 1704 Erica STEIN. Article 1705 Erica STEIN . Article 1706 Niuscha BASSIRI.Article 1707 Erica STEIN. Article 1708 Maarten DRAYE. Article 1709 Erica STEIN.
6. Arbitral Award and Termination of Proceedings: Articles 1710 to 1715. Article 1710 Maud PIERS. Article 1711 Maud PIERS. Article 1712 Maud PIERS. Article 1713 Maud PIERS. Article 1714 Maud PIERS. Article 1715 Maud PIERS.
7. Recourse against Arbitral Award: Articles 1716 to 1718. Article 1716 Caroline VERBRUGGEN. Article 1717 Caroline VERBRUGGEN .Article 1718 Caroline VERBRUGGEN.
8. Recognition and Enforcement of Arbitral Awards: Articles 1719 to 1721. Article 1719 Caroline VERBRUGGEN. Article 1720 Caroline VERBRUGGEN. Article 1721 Caroline VERBRUGGEN.
9. Time Bar: Article 1722. Article 1722 Maarten DRAYE.
10. Entry into Force and Applicability ratione temporis of the B.L.A.: Articles 59 and 60 of the Law Amending Part VI of the Judicial Code on Arbitration of 24 June 2013. Articles 59 and 60 (Law of 24 June 2013) Maarten DRAYE.

Appendix I Belgian Law on Arbitration (English Version).
Appendix II Belgian Law on Arbitration (German Version).
Appendix III CEPANI Rules 2013.
Appendix IV Comparative List of B.J.C. Terms.

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        Arbitration in Belgium