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Intellectual property law and human rights

Ingenaaid Engels 2015 9789041158369
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Human rights issues arise more and more often in an intellectual property context. Intellectual Property and Human Rights is the first comprehensive analysis of this emerging nexus of legal issues. In twenty-one incisive essays, well-known authorities in both intellectual property law and human rights law present in-depth analysis and discussion of such essential topics as the following:
The human rights credentials of copyright and other intellectual property rights;
The relations between copyright and freedom of speech and of expression, from the perspectives of both North American and European law;
- The relevance to copyright of the public interest defence in European law;
- The way trade marks and human rights interfere;
- The human rights and morality aspects of biotechnological patents and stem cell patents;
- The interaction between human rights and geographical indications and
- The fundamental rights of privacy in an intellectual property environment.

In the years to come, more and more lawyers will be confronted with issues involving the interaction of intellectual property and human rights. As a groundbreaking work Intellectual Property and Human Rights will be seen as a cornerstone of the debate. Practitioners, academics and policymakers in both fields will immediately recognize its value as a springboard to the informed future development of this new and crucial area of legal theory and practice.
This book is an enhanced edition of the title Copyright and Human Rights published in 2004. In addition to updating six chapters of this earlier edition, some 15 chapters on other IP topics were added.


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Part I. The Relationship between Intellectual Property and Human Rights.
Chapter 1. Intellectual Property and Human Rights: Learning to Live Together.
Chapter 2. The New Innovation Frontier? Intellectual Property and the European Court of Human Rights, Prof. Larry Helfer (Vanderbilt).
Chapter 3. Challenges to the Development of a Human- Rights Framework for Intellectual Property, Prof. Peter Yu (Drake University).
Chapter 4. The Constitutional Dimension of Intellectual Property, Dr. Christophe Geiger (Munich).
Chapter 5. Intellectual Property Rights and Human Rights: Coinciding and Cooperating, Dr. Estelle Derclaye (Nottingham).
Chapter 6. Proportionality and Balancing within the Objectives for Intellectual Property Protection, Dr. Henning Grosse Ruse-Khan (Munich).
Chapter 7. Copyright (and Other Intellectual Property Rights) as a Human Right, Prof. Paul Torremans.
Part II. Copyright and Human Rights.
Chapter 8. Copyright and Freedom of Expression in Canada, Prof. Ysolde Gendreau (Montreal).
Chapter 9. The Free Speech Benefits of Fair Dealing Defences, Patrick Masiyakurima (Aberdeen) .
Chapter 10. Copyright Law Reform through a Human Rights Lens, Prof. Graeme Austin and Amy Zavidow.
Chapter 11. The Conflict between the Human Right to Education and Copyright, Prof. Sharon Foster (Arkansas).
Part III. Trade Marks, Related Rights and Human Rights.
Chapter 12. Is There a Right to and Immoral Trade Mark? Jonathan Griffiths (Queen Mary College, London).
Chapter 13. Trade Marks and Human Rights, Dr. Andreas Rahmatian (Leicester).
Chapter 14. Some Cultural Narrative Themes and Variations in the Common Law, Dr. Catherine Ng (Aberdeen).
Chapter 15 . Geographical Indications and Human Rights, Dev Gangjee (LSE) .
Part IV. Rights in Informations.
Chapter 16. Recapturing Liberated Information: The Relationship Between the United Kingdom’s Freedom of Information Act 2000 and Private Law Restraints on Disclosure, Jonathan Griffiths (Queen Mary College, London) .
Chapter 17. ‘Holding the Line’- the Relationship between the Public Interest and Remedies Granted or Refused, be it for Breach of Confidence or Copyright, Prof. Alison Firth (Newcastle).
Chapter 18. Privacy, Confidentiality and Property, Prof. Peter Jaffey (Brunel) .
Chapter 19. A Right of Privacy for Corporations? Dr. Tanya Aplin (King’s College, London).
Part V. Patents and Human Rights.
Chapter 20. Research on Human Embryos and Stem Cells: Weaving Ethical and Religious Concerns into the Framework of Patent Law in Malaysia, Prof. Ida Madieha Bt. Abdul Ghani Azni (International Islamic University, Kuala Lumpur ).
Chapter 21. Human Rights Implications of Patenting Biotechnical Knowledge, Jerry Koopman (Utrecht).

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        Intellectual property law and human rights