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The fountain, make wise choices

Expand your systemic consciousness and live your life well

E-book Epub Engels 2021 9789083104171
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Using the fountain as metaphor for the family system, you learn what your own, unique place is. Once in your place, you receive the flow essential to how your life progresses.

Some people are somehow able to get the almost impossible done. But what do you have an influence on, and what do you not have an influence on? The trick is to make that distinction. When you're better able to recognize the force fields in which you find yourself, when you learn to observe without judgment and surrender to "what is," you can make wise choices that allow you to do well. "The fountain" metaphor helps you firmly take your rightful place (in life) and grant others theirs.

In this book, you'II learn how The Fountain works through your life and can be applied to many themes, such as your relationships, your health, your work, and society. Being in your rightful place helps you be significantly less ego-driven and more able to act from who you essentially are so that "that which wants to reveal itself through you" can do just that. By expanding your consciousness and insights into the (invisible) laws that run through your life, you become aware of the systemic fields of which you are a part. In turn, this awareness enables you to make wise choices so that you can use your energy wisely.

The Fountain, make wise choices will be recognizable and comforting because it will give you the insights and tools you need to look at your issues. To release what you need to release. And to take action where appropriate. You decide for yourself what is wise. Make your choices with help from The Fountain and ensure a high quality of life in the present and future. "The fountain, make wise choices" is the sequel of the bestselling "The fountain, find your place".

I wish you a flowing fountain!
Els van Steijn


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Wees de eerste die een lezersrecensie schrijft!

Over Els van Steijn

Els van Steijn (1969) is schrijver van de bestseller ‘De fontein, vind je plek’, coach, en familie- en organisatieopsteller. Via haar coachingspraktijk, workshops en socialmediakanalen draagt ze haar missie uit: volgende generaties systemisch ‘schoner’ en minder belast laten zijn. Een overweldigend aantal lezers heeft Els persoonlijk laten weten dat de metafoor van de fontein een positief effect op hen heeft gehad en nog dagelijks doorwerkt in gunstige zin.

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        The fountain, make wise choices