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The Retail Innovation Toolkit

42 Category Management Tools for Growth

E-book Epub met watermerkbeveiliging Engels 2021 9789401477208
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Reinventing the retail game
Retail is going through tremendous change as a result of new types of competitors and ever higher consumer expectations. An abundance of products, media and data has become available. Digitisation and the demand for an inclusive and a sustainable society call for new ways of defining the future together.

Everyone needs to be mobilised, and the category level holds the right meeting point for suppliers and retailers. The Retail Innovation Toolkit offers practical tools and case studies on the way forward, so that professionals on both retail and supplier sides can start addressing category challenges immediately.

The 42 tools help professionals to analyse, grow, innovate and even reinvent categories in a fun and a quick manner. The Category Management concept is refreshed by integrating tools from Experience Design and Product Innovation to create a new set of innovation skills and mobilise collaboration within, and among retailer and supplier organisations. This is an excellent toolkit with practical approaches to growing the category and reinventing the retail game.

Who could benefit from the book?
The toolkit is developed for professionals working in shopper and trade marketing on the supplier side, and for category managers, format managers and concept developers in (non)food retail. The tools also enable other functions within the team to learn about category management in a fun and pragmatic manner without the need to attend intensive category management trainings. You can apply some of the tools individually, but most are useful when confronted with a growth challenge as a team. More and more shopping journeys integrate physical and online touchpoints. The tools can be applied holistically across online and brick-and-mortar stores and they have been tried and tested in different situations and environments.

The benefits of this book are that it:
- Contains the main ingredients of the category management concept and practice without the need to attend courses or read more data-intensive books.
- Offers practical suggestions for 1) Analytical review 2) Creative solutions building 3) Energisers for improved collaboration between retailer and suppliers.
- Transfers knowledge in a highly graphical manner and through appealing and original design.
- Puts the shopper interest first so that retailers and suppliers can work together on category level.
- Represents the latest way of doing things in the field of category management.
- Offers simple frameworks and makes pragmatic suggestions on how to make things work based on my hands-on experience.

This is what others said about the book:
‘A great read for both retail and A brand players that are serious about a consistent approach in shopper-centric category thinking.’ - Wim Destoop, VP General Manager North West Europe @ PepsiCo

‘The approach of an holistic toolkit is brilliant: the 42 tools are practical, actionable, well explained and run through collaborative exercises, inspiring stories and useful suggestions.’ - Iris Cremers, Global Shopping Insight Manager @ Unilever

‘A great reference book for everyone involved in the category management process.’ - Wouter Lefevere, Managing Director Category Management Nederland @ ALDI

‘This toolkit has everything you will need to form a holistic approach towards category management – both for now and the foreseeable future.’ - Pearlraj Cannivady, Vice President Marketing & Omnichannel @ SPAR India

‘This toolkit – which is spiced up with a range of illustrations- can be read from beginning to end in one go, though it can also be picked up regularly when faced with a specific challenge.’ - Jeroen Van de Broek, Managing Director Belgium @ FrieslandCampina

‘This is an engaging and outstanding book for anyone who wants to apply innovative category management methods to win the heart of the shopper.’ - Jacques Hayaux du Tilly, Group Assortment & Supply Chain Director @ Maxeda DIY Group

‘Berkhout’s Toolkit is the perfect companion, packed with very practical and hands-on exercises, not from an ivory tower but straight from the field.’ - Jorg Snoeck, founder of RetailDetail and author of The Future of Shopping

‘A must for anyone who wants to achieve more in the dynamic world of FMCG, either as a retailer or on the manufacturers' side.’ - Rob Mienis, Trade Marketing Manager Retail @ Van Geloven

‘An accessible, practical book full of ideas, helpful guidelines, and exercises to work through together for category growth.’ - Linda van Rijn, Product Director UI/Client Platforms & Core Analytics Tools, Global Product Management @ GfK


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The Retail Innovation Toolkit
Constant Berkhout 4 mei 2021 Ruim 30 jaar geleden veranderde het concept categorie-management de traditionele manier van inkopen. Instrumenten die toen ontstonden, zoals het categorie-rolmodel en de originele principes zoals beslissingen op basis van data, zijn nog steeds relevant.

Over Constant Berkhout

Constant Berkhout is a thought leader in the areas of retail marketing and shopper psychology and currently leads the agency Fusion Strategy & Retail. He obtained a Master of Science in Economics Cum Laude with a major in Marketing at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. His curiosity and career took him across the world to live in Argentina, Belgium, the UK and the USA. Through his own agency Fusion Strategy & Retail, Constant works with retailers and suppliers in Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia. Most of the assignments focus on retail format development, category management strategy, data analytics and shopper marketing. Before setting up his own agency, he gained broad experience across a large number of categories, functional areas, and countries: - At retailers De Boer Winkelbedrijven and Ahold Delhaize, Constant got acquainted with the principles of retail and category management. - For Kraft Foods, Constant set up their trade marketing practice and worked as customer manager to large supermarket chains. - At Gillette/Procter & Gamble, he led business restructuring in commercial and value-chain departments in several European countries. Later he was given overall responsibility for the marketing at the business-to-business division in Europe. - At PepsiCo, he first assumed responsibility for consumer insights and innovation for Northern Europe. In his last role at PepsiCo, he was responsible for shopper insights and marketing in more than 45 countries in Europe. He set up trade marketing in Eastern European countries such as Russia. For Western European markets, he increased customer intimacy with customers such as Carrefour, Casino and Tesco. He worked closely with colleagues in North America to apply breakthrough technologies in the areas of neuro-research and data analytics. Constant published over 100 articles about retail marketing, shopper psychology, data analytics and business transformation. He is the author of the books Retail Marketing Strategy: Delivering Shopper Delight (2016), Assortment and Merchandising Strategy: Building a Retail Plan to Improve Shopper Experience (2019 - available in English, Chinese and Portuguese) and The Retail Innovation Toolkit: 42 Category Management Tools for Growth (2021).

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1. Define Category Strategy
a. How to define the category
b. How to formulate a category vision
c. How to identify category drivers
d. How to allocate categories to category roles
e. How to assign category strategies
f. How to link category tactics to a category challenge

2. Connect Category Strategy to Retail Brand
a. How to describe benefits from the retail brand
b. How to align my products according to retail brand positioning
c. How to leverage my products to make my brand shine
d. How to find associations with the retail brand
e. How to decide on a national versus a local approach
f. How to get inspiration for category differentiation

3. Build Category Assortment
a. How to determine the number of products in the category
b. How to rationalise the assortment
c. How to build a shopper decision tree
d. How to determine missing products
e. How to get ideas for packaging design
f. How to balance competing merchandising objectives

4. Deliver Smart Pricing and Promotion
a. How to select products for price change
b. How to structure my brand portfolio
c. How to enhance category value through packaging size
d. How to find the optimal level of discount
e. How to decide on promotion frequency
f.How to improve promotional decision-making

5. Leverage Category in Supplier – Retailer Relationship
a. How to prepare the conversation
b. How to structure the story
c. How to prioritise suppliers
d. How to prioritise retailers
e. How to create differentiated solutions for retailers
f. How to energise the collaboration

6. Build Services for Category Engagement
a. How to improve the experience of the shopping trip
b. How to identify cues for new services
c. How to discern whether shoppers enjoy time spent
d. How to identify friction and triggers in the shopping tasks
e. How to create ideas for a new store concept
f. How to revisit shopper expectations

7. Innovate Your Category
a. How to phrase shopper arguments
b. How to identify the source of incrementality
c. How to select the best category initiatives
d. How to scope for innovation
e. How to boost the value of a small basket
f. How to bundle new brand ideas into category themes

Concluding thought: Be a great unlearner and relearner

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