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Contract management with CATS CM® version 4

From working on contracts to contracts that work

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This book describes version 4 of CATS CM®. This methodology for contract management can be used in both private and public sector organizations, and is valid for both demand and supply side. Contract management is the realization of intended contract objectives by proactively monitoring the fulfillment of all contractually established responsibilities, obligations, procedures, agreements, conditions and rates, resolving all ambiguities, contradictions and white spaces, managing all contract-related risks, and implementing all desired changes to the contract, during the execution phase.

CATS CM® offers a methodical and scalable approach to contract management. It provides a description of the principles, roles, and main issues for the contract manager and the best way of working. In addition to a description of the methodology, CATS CM® version 4 also offers specific tools for implementing contract management, for policy as well as for processes.

Increasingly, organizations recognize the importance of being in control of their business ecosystem. CATS CM® assists organizations to increase control of their joint responsibility both from a procurement and delivery point of view. A large number of organizations have chosen CATS CM® as the standard for their contract management processes.

This new version of CATS CM® has been developed with these various practices in mind. CATS CM® version 4 is based on the principle that the management of a contract in execution has strong similarities on both sides of the contract, i.e. demand and supply; both can best be described as working in conjunction with each other.

This book is intended for all who are responsible for, or deal with the execution of contracts: contract managers, business managers, delivery managers, project managers, service managers, facility managers, buyers, procurement managers, compliance managers, risk managers, account managers, sales managers and HR managers, along with their directors and board members on both sides of the contract.

This book is the official manual of CATS CM version 4.


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Contract management is more and more intertwined with primary processes
Peter Streefkerk 6 februari 2023 The contract management profession will not be known to everyone or will immediately evoke exciting associations. Nevertheless, the subject plays an important role in every organization, because after all, no one can do it alone. To get more clarity about contract management, we asked Linda Tonkes, next to Gert-Jan Vlasveld author of the book 'CATS CM® - version 4', to elaborate.

Over Linda Tonkes

Linda Tonkes (1977) studeerde af als Registeraccountant aan NIVRA-Nyenrode en werkte vanaf 1996 tot en met 2011 bij Deloitte, waar ze als senior manager vertrok. In 2012 startte ze haar eigen accountantskantoor en is vanaf 2013 betrokken bij CM Partners als trainer en adviseur. In 2019 is zij toegetreden als partner tot CM Partners en in die hoedanigheid als medeontwikkelaar van de methode en als coauteur betrokken bij de totstandkoming van het boek 'CATS CM versie 4: Van werken aan contracten naar contracten die werken'.

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Over Gert-Jan Vlasveld

Gert-Jan is een echte ‘believer’ als het gaat om contractmanagement. Hij is een van de oprichters van pionier CM Partners en heeft contractmanagement vanaf 1995 als rode draad door zijn carrière lopen. Naast een ervaren trainer en adviseur is Gert-Jan sinds 2002 medeontwikkelaar van de methode CATS CM en coauteur van het boek 'CATS CM versie 4: Van werken aan contracten naar contracten die werken'.

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Part I A vision on proactive contract management
1 Effective and efficient contract management
2 Contracts and contract management
3 Successfull contract management with the CATS control model
4 Contract life cycle and the scope of CATS CM

Part II The CATS CM methodology
5 Pillar 1: Work To Be Done and all other contract matter
6 Pillar 2: Roles
7 Pillar 3: Contract management Essentials
8 Pillar 4: Contract management process and contract management scenarios

Part III Applying the CATS CM methodology
9 Initiate
10 CM Essential 1: Contract objectives
11 CM Essential 2: Stakeholders
12 CM Essential 3: Contract relationships
13 CM Essential 4: Risks
14 CM Essential 5: Obligations
15 CM Essential 6: Finances
16 CM Essential 7: Contract governance
17 CM Essential 8: Satisfaction
18 CM Essential 9: Contract calendar
19 CM Essential 10: Contract file
20 Conclude

Part IV Implementing, measuring and improving contract management
21 Establishing a policy for the contract management process
22 The Process owner contract management
23 Implementing contract management
24 Measuring, controlling and improving the contract management process
25 The CATS CM Maturity Model


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        Contract management with CATS CM® version 4