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Successful Digital Transformation

A Survival Guide for Managers and Executives

E-book Epub met watermerkbeveiliging Engels 2021 9789401807739
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This book is, as indicated by the subtitle, intended in the first place for executives and managers. But actually its is essential reading for all who are faced with digital transformation. It offers a valuable reflection on knowledge developed and experience accumulated in daily practice, focusing on the approach to contemporary digital business challenges.

Written in understandable language and with a powerful, logical structure, it has become a very accessible book that remains fascinating from beginning to end. It teaches you to understand topics that matter such as the need for digital transformation, the connection with business strategy and the essential differences in starting positions between organizations. What to do next is made concrete and practical by identifying five necessary digital breakthroughs and working them out into clear goals, which should be included in the change cycle as part of your digital strategy.

The phase model presented includes three distinct steps - from product focus in the first phase to customer orientation in the second phase, followed by a third phase in which the customer is at the center. The book describes what is required to take these steps - the checklist that is included provides organizations with direction. This helps in setting up a strategy and developing an effective roadmap for organizations to transform.

"The book 'Successful Digital Transformation' reads like a modern fairy tale. It's clever how the essence of the field of digital transformation is captured in barely 100 pages. But the theme has also been made very practical, the underlying topics (such as data management, enterprise architecture, change management) have been tied together and explained in a comprehensible way. I think the book fills a great need, because many books and articles on this topic are either full of buzzwords that are not further described, or lapse into academic jargon that is incomprehensible to the average reader. This book sits nicely between academia and practice, without falling into compromises." – Frank Harmsen - Associate Professor of Digital Transformation, Maastricht University


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Successful Digital Transformation
Henny Portman | 1 september 2021
In the book Successful Digital Transformation – A Survival Guide for Managers and Executives by Marc Beijen, we get a nice and practical overview of different possible and mutually reinforcing digital transformations that you can use when formulating your own digital transformation.
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Preface by Erik Beulen

1. Digital revolution in the 21st century
2. Digital transformation in perspective
3. Digital strategy as a starting point
4. Digital breakthrough 1: Data-driven organization
5. Digital breakthrough 2: Smart, digital processes
6. Digital breakthrough 3: Brilliant customer experience
7. Digital breakthrough 4: Agile and resilient organization
8. Digital breakthrough 5: Digital business models
9. Successful from strategy to execution

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        Successful Digital Transformation