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Gen Z

Longing for Change

Paperback Engels 2019 9789461562623
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The clock is ticking! Take action now...

Nobody can hold back the future, but now is the time to view things in advance, and that is better than hindsight. Gen Z is longing for change and is taking its place in the workspace! They will take over and shape society, step by step. Only, what is their view of the world? How do they perceive the previous generations? Which choices will they make? How do you get in touch with them? And how will Generation Alpha turn out?

This is already the 3rd book in which Jos Ahlers and René Boender write about this unstoppable network generation. Based on extensive research, they venture into a series of predictions on the behavior of this young, digital generation. A generation that is always online, everywhere. To whom socials are not a discovery, but a necessity.

What will the consequences be in social matters? In the fi eld of marketing? Or sports? Gen Z is a book that is in the center of life. This is a book for everyone who wants to get to know Gen Z better. And wants to understand how to inspire this generation by behaving in a morally responsible way. Let’s head for a nicer world!


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Over Jos Ahlers

Dr. Jos Ahlers is, na jarenlang verbonden te zijn geweest aan grote internationale communicatiebureaus. Daarna was hij werkzaam als onafhankelijk adviseur voor bedrijven, instellingen en overheid. Tegenwoordig is hij Senior Strateeg bij het Amsterdamse reclamebureau N=5.

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Over René Boender

René C.W. Boender (1958) is al ruim tien jaar een veelgevraagd spreker. Hij treedt op over de hele wereld met zijn 'verras, verander en verover' keynote. Iedere keer weer, weet hij zijn publiek te raken en te motiveren om op weg te gaan naar meer (zakelijk) geluk. Op uitnodiging adviseert hij als brain-agent, innovatiefuturist en trendteller grote internationals en CEO's, en geeft hij gastcolleges aan internationale universiteiten. Afgelopen jaar verschenen zijn twee bestsellers, 'Great to Cool' en 'Generatie Z'.

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Marketeers, politicians… wake up! | 14
It’s the economy, stupid | 18
The generation chain | 25
Fasten your meatbelt: the technological tornado | 30
The Alphas are already on their way | 34
Gen Y is not Gen Z is not Alpha | 37
A fluid identity | 41
The secret attraction of socials | 44
The screenager myth | 52
Help: streak panic | 58
From FOMO to JOMO | 61
Will Gen Z become the BlockGen? | 64
Zs say: just get everything out in the open | 72
The sharing economy is on the way back: from laundrette to scatterbike | 77
Future Food tastes good… | 85
Shopping with Z | 89
Gen Z: the unattainable generation? | 98
How do you influence a network? | 105
Gen Z in search of authentic influencers | 111
When Greta, Jack and Steve speak, Gen Z listens | 117
Sports can make the world a happier place! | 120
Podcast revolution | 122
The outside world is where it all happens | 125
Escape from reality! What games teach us | 128
Games without frontiers | 135
Will Alexa kill the brand? | 138
A new world requires a new take on brands | 148
From CSR 1.0 to CSR 2.0 | 154
A few additional meditations that require action… | 157
Thanks to Gen Z and our friends around the world | 161
Sources | 164

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