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English legal terminology

Legal concepts in language

Paperback Engels 2015 9789462366046
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Legal English is a professional language. This means that a good command of ordinary English does not make a student automatically proficient in legal English. Many foreign law students on English language programmes experience problems when suddenly all their lectures, textbooks, discussions and written work have to be in English. A lack of familiarity with legal English canseriously impede their progress. And a command of legal English is not just a desirable academic skill. It has become an absolute ‘must’ for today’s legal professionals working in internationally orientated law firms.

This book is designed for law students who have followed their law studies in a language other than English. Textbooks on English law are too detailed for those who want to understand English legal terminology rather than English law itself. Legal dictionaries are useful but, as the words are ordered alphabetically, terms are treated in isolation.

This book offers:
• vocabularies providing sets of legal terminology associated with the legal system, civil procedure, EU law, tort, contract law and company law;
• text putting the terms in the vocabulary into their legal context;
• case discussion questions in order to practice using the terminology;
• knowledge questions to ensure that the reader has understood the legal concepts.

As well as being useful to law students, the book is also a practical introduction to basic legal concepts and reasoning for non-lawyers.


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Introduction 9

Chapter 1 Legal system terminology 13
Legal system terminology in context 15
Legal system vocabulary 37
Legal system discussion questions 45
Legal system knowledge questions 46

Chapter 2 Civil procedure terminology 47
Civil procedure terminology in context 49
Civil procedure vocabulary 71
Civil procedure discussion questions and case discussion 83
Civil procedure knowledge questions 84

Chapter 3 European Union law terminology 85
European Union law terminology in context 87
European Union law vocabulary 109
European Union law case discussions 119
European Union law knowledge questions 120

Chapter 4 Tort terminology 121
Tort terminology in context 123
Tort vocabulary 145
Tort case discussions 155
Tort knowledge questions 156

Chapter 5 Contract law terminology 157
Contract law terminology in context 159
Contract law vocabulary 191
Contract law case discussions 205
Contract law knowledge questions 207

Chapter 6 Company law terminology 209
Company law terminology in context 211
Company law vocabulary 241
Company law case discussions 255
Company law knowledge questions 256

Bibliography 257
Appendix 259
1 Example of a case report head-note: McLoughlin v O’Brian 1982 (All ER 1982/2, pp. 298-299) 261
2 The head-note of Donoghue v Stevenson 1932 (All ER Rep 1932/1, pp. 1-2) 263
3 Extract from a statute: the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977 (Crown Copyright, Internet version) 265
Index 271

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        English legal terminology