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Brazil Infrastructure Law

Gebonden Engels 2016 9789462366404
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This book offers the international reader a comprehensive view of Brazilian infrastructure law from the standpoint of key local practitioners. It is divided into two sections. The first part features a collection of essays on the most significant infrastructure topics. It is followed by bilingual versions of the main statutes and regulations examined in the various essays found in Part 1. A glossary of essential infrastructure terminology is also included.

The topics discussed in this book range from an overview of the Brazilian constitutional structure to in-depth analyses of regulated sectors, public procurement, and dispute resolution.The various essays contained herein cover the fundamental legal issues an international player must keep in mind when working in the Brazilian infrastructure market. This work utilizes a comparative approach, and is intended to correlate Brazilian legal specificities with their counterparts in internationally recognized models.

This work aims to provide essential guidelines that will enable international infrastructure investors, practitioners, and scholars to successfully navigate Brazilian law and legal practice.


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Preface and Acknowledgments ix
Contributors xi
Glossary xvii

Part I Essays

1 An Overview of Brazilian Law 3
Marçal Justen Filho
2 Control of the Independent Regulatory Agencies 17
Alexandre Wagner Nester
3 Administrative Procedure and the Independent Regulatory Agencies 31
André Guskow Cardoso
4 Rule-Making Power of Independent Regulatory Agencies in Brazil 43
Diogo Albaneze Gomes Ribeiro
5 Brazilian Antitrust Law 55
Alexandre Wagner Nester
6 Competition Law Enforcement in Regulated Sectors 75
Marçal Justen Neto
7 An Overview of the Regulation in the Electricity Sector in Brazil 83
André Guskow Cardoso and Marçal Justen Neto
8 Telecommunications Law of Brazil 97
Aline Lícia Klein and Alan Garcia Troib
9 Infrastructure and Logistics in the Brazilian Transportation System 111
Rafael Wallbach Schwind and Juliane Erthal de Carvalho
10 Oil and Gas Regulation in Brazil 141
Cesar Pereira, Karlin Olbertz and Maria Augusta Rost
11 Mining in Brazil: Regulatory Scenario and Opportunities for Investment 173
Ricardo Barretto de Andrade and Vitor Lanza Veloso
12 Waste Management Regulation in Brazil 185
William Romero and Mônica Bandeira de Mello Lefèvre
13 Basic Sanitation Services in Brazil 197
Guilherme Fredherico Dias Reisdorfer and Diogo Albaneze Gomes Ribeiro
14 Environmental Licensing in Brazil 215
Cesar Pereira, Roberta Jardim de Morais, Manuela Demarche Mello,Fernanda de Abreu Tanure and Paola Braga Sunye
15 Public Procurement in Brazil: General Rules 229
Cesar Pereira
16 Reverse Auction as a Method of Public Procurement 257
Ana Lucia Ikenaga, Mayara Ruski Augusto Sá and Thalita Bizerril Duleba Mendes
17 Public Procurement Financed by International Agencies and Multilateral Funds in Brazil 277
Rafael Wallbach Schwind
18 The System of Protests and Appeals in Brazilian Public Biddings Law 289
William Romero
19 Differential Public Procurement Regime (RDC): Main Characteristics 299
Daniel Siqueira Borda and Mayara Gasparoto Tonin
20 Brazil’s Anti-Corruption Laws, the FCPA and the UK Bribery Act: A Comparative View 319
Cesar Pereira, Jacqueline Henry-Lucio and Luísa Paschoaleto Martim
21 Government Contracts in Brazilian Law 347
Aline Lícia Klein, Guilherme Fredherico Dias Reisdorfer and Karlin Olbertz
22 Concessions of Public Services and Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) in Brazil 369
Cesar Pereira
23 Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) in Brazil 389
Fernão Justen de Oliveira
24 Brazilian Corporate Taxation 399
Michelle Pinterich
25 Construction Contracts in Brazilian Law and the Standard International Model Contracts 415
Rodrigo Goulart de Freitas Pombo
26 Brazil in the Context of International Arbitration 427
Mauricio Gomm Santos and Quinn Smith
27 Arbitration in Brazil 445
Felipe Scripes Wladeck and Paulo Osternack Amaral
28 Recognition of Foreign Judgments and Awards in Brazil 461
Cesar Pereira

Part II Bilingual Versions of Relevant Statutes Brazilian Federal Constitution – Excerpts 501

Law n. 8.666/1993 (Biddings and government contracts) 515
Law n. 12.462/2011 (Creates the Differential Public Procurement Regime – RDC) – Excerpts 593
Decree n. 7.546 (Regulates the changes to Law n. 8.666 made by Law n. 12.349 – “Buy National”) 621
Law n. 10.520/2002 (Reverse auction) 629
Law n. 8.987/1995 (Concessions of Public Services) 635
Law n. 9.074/1995 (Concessions of Public Services) – Excerpts 657
Law n. 11.079/2004 (Public-Private Partnerships – PPP) – Excerpts 663
Civil Code of 2002 – Excerpts 683
Law n. 12.846 of August 1, 2013 687
Decree n. 8.420 of March 18, 2015 699
Law n. 8.429, of June 2, 1992 (Administrative Improbity Law) 719
Law n. 9.307/1996 (Arbitration) 731
Amendment n. 18/2014 (Recognition of Foreign Judgments) 747
Code of Civil Procedure of 1973 – Excerpts 751

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