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CISG and Latin America: Regional and Global Perspectives

Regional and global perspectives

Gebonden Engels 2016 9789462366534
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The CISG is a well-known, modern and effective law of sales that has fanned out from Vienna to the four corners of the globe. It has been introduced into the legal system of multiple Latin American countries, some of which are global trade players.

This book gives the reader a comprehensive understanding of the Latin American legal approach toward the CISG. It shows that Latin America is provided with numerous experts who are prepared to deal with and apply the CISG to international sales contracts. Their views are supplemented by studies from outside Latin America by other internationally-acclaimed CISG scholars.


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Foreword ix

Part I General Aspects

1 Another BRIC in the Wall: Brazil Joins the CISG 3
José Angelo Estrella Faria
2 CISG and Latin America – A Key for Reducing Transaction Costs 33
Luciano Benetti Timm, Carolina Hess Almaleh and Sabrina Raabe de Sá
3 The First Glance of Brazilian Companies at the CISG – What Should Foreigners Expect? 37
Natália Villas Bôas Zanelatto and Tiago Beckert Isfer
4 Aspects of the 1980 Vienna Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) 59
Ruy Rosado de Aguiar Júnior
5 The CISG – A Fair Balance of the Interests of the Seller and the Buyer 79
Ingeborg Schwenzer
6 Understanding the CISG System of Remedies from the Latin American Domestic Laws’ Standpoint 93
Edgardo Muñoz

Part II Selected Topics of the CISG

7 Interaction between the CISG and INCOTERMS 119
Rafael Villar Gagliardi and Caio Pazinato Ramos
8 Brazil’s Accession to the CISG and Transmission of Risk: Some Considerations 135
Patricia Galindo da Fonseca
9 The Exemption from Liability under the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sales of Goods (CISG) – Analysis and Brief Comparison with the Brazilian Civil Code 149
Mariana Guita Campinho
10 The CISG and the Contractual Freedom of Form and Evidence: A Latin-American Perspective 183
Frederico E.Z. Glitz
11 Commodities Trade in the Brazilian Experience: Reflections on the Application of the CISG 191
Alberto do Amaral Júnior, Umberto Celli Júnior and Lígia Espolaor Veronese
12 Examination of the Goods and Notice of Non-Conformity 209
Pedro Silveira Campos Soares
13 The Applicability of the CISG to the International Sales of Commodities 227
Fabio Alonso Vieira and Fernanda Pires Merouço
14 Criteria for Application of a Fundamental Breach of Contract in the CISG 243
Giovana Benetti
15 CISG and E-Commerce 265
Cesar Pereira and Ana Julia Aragão
16 Seller’s Remedies 289
Florian Mohs
17 Acceptance of an Offer under the CISG 299
Petra Butler and Bianca Mueller

Part III The CISG vis-à-vis National Law

18 The Challenges of Applying the CISG Concept of Conformity in Latin America: The Ordinary and Particular Purpose Approaches 319
Laura Gouvêa de França Pereira
19 Party Autonomy in Brazilian International Private Law 345
Jorge Cesa Ferreira da Silva and Renata C. Steiner
20 The Social Function of the Contract and the International Sale of Goods (CISG): The Contribution of Brazilian Law to a Global Debate 359
Paulo Nalin
21 Article 1 CISG – The Gateway to the CISG 379
Petra Butler
22 Using the CISG and International Commercial Arbitration as a Best Practice in Brazil 397
Erika Sondahl Levin
23 CISG Articles 6, 7, 25 and 79 – Pacta Sunt Servanda, Rebus sic Stantibus, Force Majeure and Hardship Principles – Brazilian Civil Code Related Articles 417
José Maria Rossani Garcez
24 Instalment Contracts and Fundamental Breach in the CISG: A Brazilian Perspective 433
Ana Gerdau de Borja
25 Written Requirements in Brazil and Argentina:AComparison under the Applicability of the CISG 451
Rafael Branco Xavier

Part IV Commercial Law and the Trend for Regional and Global Integration

26 Uniform Sales Law – Brazil Joining the CISG Family 477
Ingeborg Schwenzer
27 The Lasting Consequences, in a Global Perspective, of the Brazilian Delay in Incorporating the CISG 493
Didier Boden
28 UNCITRAL Instruments and the Regional Harmonization of International Commercial Law 507
Sieg Eiselen
29 The Applicability of Force Majeure and Hardship to CISG Contracts Due to Trade Restrictions and to Other Government Actions in Latin America 527
Caroline Cavassin Klamas and Sabrina Maria Fadel Becue
30 Application of the CISG in Latin American Countries: An Overview – Reality and Theory 547
Ana Teresa de Abreu Coutinho Boscolo
31 Usury as a Cultural Divide and CISG Compromise Rules on Interest 575
Leandro Tripodi

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        CISG and Latin America: Regional and Global Perspectives