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Pitch to Win

The Tools That Help Startups and Corporate Innovation Teams Script, Design, and Deliver Winning Pitches

E-book Epub met watermerkbeveiliging Engels 2018 9789462762756
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'Hi, my name is David Beckett, i'm a pitch coach, and i'm here to ensure your ideas have a voice'

The big pitch is coming up. You’ve got just a few minutes to convince that investor or your Board, that your idea is worth investing money, time and people in. What should you say? How should you say it? And how do you beat those nerves that are already building up inside?

David Beckett has coached over 700 startups to raise over €170 million in investment. And he has trained thousands of professionals in innovation teams at companies like Google, Unilever, Booking.com and PwC. He is also a TEDx speech coach.

In Pitch to Win, David provides practical tools to help you Script, Design and Deliver pitches that are short, professional and persuasive. His methods and practices have been tested with hundreds of pitchers and reviewed by numerous investors and members of the Board. The focus is on actionable tools and real-life examples. With step-by-step exercises that will guide you to your best pitch ever.

“I’ve seen David transform ordinary presenters into fantastic pitchers. Follow the steps in Pitch to Win and you’ll have a great shot at pitching successfully for the resources you need to make your innovation ideas a success.” – Patrick de Zeeuw, cofounder of Startupbootcamp.


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Over David Beckett

David Beckett has coached over 700 startups to win over €170 million in investments. He has also trained thousands of professionals in innovation teams at companies such as Google, IKEA, Booking.com, ING, Unilever and PwC, to pitch to the Board for resources for their game-changing innovation projects. He’s a TEDx speech coach at TEDx Amsterdam, CERN and Munich. David Beckett provides active and inspiring Keynote talks to large and medium-sized events and congresses. See him in action and find out more at best3minutes.com/keynote-speaker. Contact him for bookings at speaker@best3minutes.com. David also delivers interactive and transformative training for Accelerators, Corporate Innovation programs and major companies. Contact Best3minutes for more information at info@best3minutes.com.

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Foreword by Patrick de Zeeuw 15
It started with a pitch 19

0.1 Introduction 19
0.1.1 Why is pitching so difficult? 22
0.1.2 Who this book is for: Entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs 23
0.1.3 What kinds of pitches will this book prepare you for? 25
0.1.4 How I wrote this book: Learning by doing 25
0.1.5 Pitch or presentation? 27
0.1.6 Some people are born to do it… right? 27
0.1.7 Keep it real, read this book while preparing for an actual pitch 28
Interview Prins Constantijn van Oranje-Nassau, Startup Envoy for the Netherlands 29
1.1 Before you start 35
1.1.1 Stop! Don’t open PowerPoint! 35
1.1.2 Communication is what the listener does 36
1.1.3 You want them to do…what? Be clear on the objective 39
1.2 Scripting with the Pitch Canvas® 41
1.2.1 How to brainstorm your pitch using Post-its® 41
1.2.2 Your brainstorming tool: The Pitch Canvas© explained 44
1.2.3 Types of pitches 75
Interview Ilja Linnemeijer, Corporate Innovation Leader 77
1.2.4 Putting the Pitch Canvas© into action 81
1.2.5 Review your brainstorm and select the important points 82
1.2.6 To script or not to script 84
1.3 Open, three and close 86
1.3.1 First impressions count or confuse. How to open your pitch 86
1.3.2 Think it through, write it down, say it out loud, get feedback 90
1.3.3 Make your message easy to absorb: The Power of Three 92
1.3.4 Mastering the art of asking questions in a pitch 96
1.3.5 Hear this! Make an announcement 97
1.3.6 How to close memorably and professionally 99
1.3.7 Finish on time 100
1.3.8 How to prepare for Demo Day or any other big pitch 102

Interview Sean Percival, Silicon Valley Investor 106
2.1 The power of visual storytelling 111
2.1.1 Should you use slides? Why visual storytelling matters 111
2.1.2 60,002 reasons why visuals work better than words 113
2.2 Why to avoid text-heavy slides and complexity 114
2.2.1 Why presenters make text-heavy slides 1. Fear of forgetting the story 114
2.2.2 Why presenters make text-heavy slides 2. They need to send the slides before or after the pitch 117
2.2.3 Reducing complexity 118
2.2.4 How many slides should I use? 119
2.3 Images, icons, logos and fonts 120
2.3.1 How to use images to bring your story to life 121
2.3.2 What to avoid when using images 125
2.3.3 Use icons for concepts 130
2.3.4 Keep visuals in tune with your brand 132
2.3.5 How to use fonts to communicate your message 133
2.4 How to use numbers,animation and video, and avoid one thing 136
2.4.1 Bite the bullet! Why bullet points don’t work 136
2.4.2 How to present numbers: Keep data points to a maximum of three 138
2.4.3 Alignment: Put everything straight in your audience’s minds 143
2.4.4 How animation can add value and take it away too! 143
2.4.5 When and how to use video 144
2.5 The technical stuff 146
2.5.1 Slide software options 146
2.5.2 Pitchy: the magic alternative 148
2.5.3 Get the technical stuff right 149
2.5.4 The smartest way to deliver your presentation 150
2.5.5 And for the Big Ones… hire a designer! 151
Interview Patrick de Zeeuw, Startup and Corporate Accelerator Founder 152

3.1 Non-verbal communication 157
3.1.1 How to keep audience attention and reset it 157
3.1.2 Movement 158
3.1.3 Eyes: Share the contact, share the love 161
3.1.4 Hands: Tell it like you’re having coffee with a friend 162
3.1.5 Don’ts for hand gestures, what to avoid 164
3.1.6 Do's for hand gestures 165
3.1.7 Be present with legs and feet 168
3.2 Tips for persuasive speaking 169
3.2.1 How to cut out fill words: One simple tool 169
3.2.2 Speak as a leader: The power of silence 170
3.2.3 Avoid the curse of monotone 171
3.2.4 Where are YOU in this story? Get reconnected with the content 173
3.2.5 Remove voice and body language distractions from your delivery 175
Interview Astrid Sonneveld, TEDx Award Pitch Winner 177

How to Manage your nerves 179
4.1 All about nerves 179
4.1.1 A universal problem and tools to solve it 179
4.1.2 Why do you get nervous? 180
4.2 Tips to beat the nerves 181
4.2.1 The 60-second nerve buster 181
4.2.2 Amy Cuddy’s science of body language to get rid of nerves 183
4.2.3 Just breathe 184
4.2.4 Get familiar with the location and equipment 185
4.2.5 Six more quick nerve-beating tips 186
Interview Rob van den Heuvel, Startup Founder 188

Oh… one more thing 191
To wrap it up 193
Thank you 194
About the author 196

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