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AQ. Adaptive Intelligence

Unleash your personal adaptability

Paperback EN 2022 9789464017946
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The world is changing fast. So fast that it is difficult to follow. Every day, we are confronted with thousands of different stimuli, ever-expanding digitalisation and ever more powerful forces of transformation, both at work and in society as a whole. Our increasingly frantic way of living and working demands more and more energy from us and has negative effects on our bodies, our health and our quality of life. Behind the seemingly attractive facade of this life, a deep personal emptiness is often concealed.In this way, we undermine our own human potential, our capacity to experience
pleasure and our ability to achieve success.

But that is not the way it has to be. This book answers a crucial and highly relevant question that more and more people are asking themselves: How can I live lighter and work smarter in this new normal?

The answer is AQ or adaptive intelligence: the ability to adjust to changing circumstances. AQ will become the core competence of the 21st century and can help you to tackle the challenges of the future in an effective, stable and flexible way. A high AQ boosts your levels of performance, resilience and satisfaction, both at work and at home. This book invites you to discover the five principles of AQ, each of which is explained in a clear and concise manner, with practical tips and techniques to help you on your way.

The five principles of AQ are: Energy — Essentialism — Focus — Balance — Growth mindset
As a professional, are you searching for greater intensity, clarity, satisfaction and result?

AQ: Unleash your personal adaptability will motivate and help you to evolve from exhaustion to energy, from excess to essence, from distraction to traction, from imbalance
to balance and from a fixed to a growth mindset. In short, from “no time for anything” to “time for what is important”, for everything you have ever wanted to do.


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        AQ. Adaptive Intelligence