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Agile Management

The fast and flexible approach to continuous improvement in organizations

E-book Epub met watermerkbeveiliging Engels 2017 9789492004406
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An environment that is changing ever faster and deeper. Markets becoming more dynamic and complex. Competitor and customer behaviour is increasingly unpredictable. These developments are affecting all organisations. Whoever wants to survive in the future, needs to adapt with lightning speed. Increasing numbers of organisations recognise that traditional ways of working are no longer adequate. They lack agility.
In this book, agility expert, Mike Hoogveld, shows us what we can learn from smart startups and other successful, innovative organizations. Using scientific insights and practical examples, he describes how to make your organization responsive by focussing on continuous improvement. Thus, he gives a very concrete answer to the crucial question with which so many organizations are struggling: how do we increase our agility?

- Includes an Agile Assessment, to determine the agility of your organization
- The number 1 bestseller in the Netherlands

Mike Hoogveld is an expert in the discipline of agile management. He is a partner at Holland Consulting group, conducts academic research at Nyenrode University, is a frequent speaker, and teaches at many universities and business schools. His books have been nominated for two prestigious Dutch awards: Management Book of the Year and the PIM Literature Prize.


Aantal pagina's:256
Uitgever:Warden Press
Hoofdrubriek:Algemeen management


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Over Mike Hoogveld

Mike Hoogveld is een veelgevraagd spreker en gastdocent op het gebied van toekomstbestendigheid. Op energieke wijze weet hij hierbij wetenschappelijke theorie te vertalen naar concreet bruikbare aanpakken voor de dagelijkse praktijk. Naast zijn werk als adviseur bij het mede door hem opgerichte bureau nlmtd, heeft Mike de afgelopen jaren aan Nyenrode promotie onderzoek gedaan naar de vraag wat succesfactoren zijn van toekomstbestendige organisaties. Ook is hij auteur van diverse bestsellers. Zijn recente boeken (Agile Managen; Denk als een startup) bereikten de nummer 1 en 2 positie van bestverkochte managementboek en werden genomineerd voor Managementboek van het Jaar, OOA Boek van het Jaar en de PIM Literatuurprijs.

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1. Introduction
1.1 The organization as a top athlete
1.2 Acceleration
1.3 Agile management: theory and practice

PART 1: Treasure hunt!
Searching for the essence of agile management
2. Adaptivity: adapt or die
2.1 A (r)evolutionary idea from an amateur biologist
2.2 From organisms to organizations: the extinction of technology companies
2.3 Future-proofing: agility required

3. Nothing is permanent except change
3.1 Change is a constant
3.2 Origins of change
3.3 Barriers to adaptivity

4. The value of experimenting and failing
4.1 Experimentation is a powerful tool
4.2 Test fast, fail fast, adjust fast
4.3 Fear of failure limits creativity
4.4 Serendipity: brilliance by accident!

5. When winning is necessary
5.1 A turning point in the history of the modern world
5.2 Agility in elite sports

6. Agility: being fast and responsive
6.1 The emergence of agile management from twelve ideas
6.2 The benefits of agile management

7 . The essence of agile management
7.1 Agile management as an integrated approach
7.2 For internal and external customers
7.3 The eight principles of agile management
7.4 Culture and leadership: working together differently
7.5 Culture and leadership within Spotify

PART 2: We’re off!
The concrete practice of agile management
8 The agile organization
8.1 Organizing for agile management
8.2 How agile is your organization right now?
8.3 Organizational structures and roles within ING Netherland

9. The agile management process: think, do and learn
9.1 Active and passive adaptivity
9.2 Think-Do-Learn cycle: the basis of the agile management process
9.3 Think: identifying and prioritizing improvements
9.4 Do: building and testing improvements
9.5 Learn: what have the improvements delivered?

10. The Think-phase: discover how you can excel
10.1 Working with the business-model canvas
10.2 Internal perspective: value-stream mapping and process mapping
10.3 Persona: your customer as imaginary friend
10.4 Customer journey: on expedition with your customer

11. The Think-phase: create a flexible plan
11.1 Prioritizing improvements
11.2 A new way of planning
11.3 Working with hypotheses and metrics

12. Do-phase: experiment like a lab technician
12.1 Building customer-value propositions
12.2 Building customer experiences
12.3 Learning faster and cheaper with the minimum-viable product
12.4 Testing: to measure is to know

13. Learn-phase: stepping smarter into the future
13.1 Evolving through evaluation
13.2 Sources: the ‘voice of the customer’
13.3 It’s your choice: continue or pivot?

14. Becoming future-proof
14.1 Agile management: back to the core
14.2 Ensuring successful transformation
14.3 Final words

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