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Legal Education in the 21st Century

Indonesian and International Perspectives

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Although we often think of law and the legal system as abstract things, they are not: law is people’s work, made concrete and filled with life by those who draft, interpret, apply, and enforce it, and also by those who reflect on it and teach it.

Therefore, how well Indonesia’s legal system works, whether it succeeds in fully implementing the rule of law, and whether it brings justice to Indonesia’s diverse people depends on its jurists, and thereby ultimately on the quality of its legal education. Therefore, it is important to ask how legal education can be further improved.

How to better prepare law graduates for the labour markets of the future? How to enhance their legal and professional skill set? How to instill a sense of professional ethics in them? How to align legal curricula and teaching methods to the challenges of the 21st century?

This book offers reflections and concrete recommendations on many facets of legal education, both in general and in the specific context of Indonesia. It draws on the combined experience of Indonesian and international experts, including scholars and practitioners, but also administrators, coordinators, and planners. Designed to be both a source of inspiration and a resource for practical guidance, this volume is dedicated to all stakeholders in legal education in Indonesia.

Legal Education in the 21st Century – Indonesian and International Perspectives is a product of LEAP, a project under the Orange Knowledge Programme. The Orange Knowledge Programme is funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and managed by Nuffic.


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Over Aalt Willem Heringa

Aalt Willem Heringa (1955) graduated from the Rijksuniversiteit Leiden in 1978, where he worked until 1987 as an assistant professor. He was a visiting researcher at the Centre of European Governmental Studies of the University of Edinburgh (1986) and at the European Research Center of the Harvard Law School (1996). In 1989 he completed his Ph.D. thesis 'Sociale Grondrechten' (Social Rights). He has been working at Maastricht University, the Faculty of Law, since 1987; he was appointed full professor of (comparative) constitutional and administrative law in 1995. He is author and editor of numerous books and articles on Dutch Constitutional law, the European Convention on Human Rights, the European Social Charter, comparative constitutional law, US constitutional law, Human Rights and legal education. He served for many years as a Member of the Netherlands Commission on Equal Treatment. He is one of the founding editors of the NJCM Bulletin; of EHRC (European Human Rights Cases); of JB and JB+; of the Maastricht Journal of European and comparative law (MJ); and of EVRM Rechtspraak & Commentaar . He served on the supervisory board of Hiil (the Hague Institute for the Internationalisation of the Law) and on the Supervisory Board of LVO. He is since 2010 a member/vice chair of the supervisory board of Orbis Medical Center, major care and cure organisation in the south of Limburg province. Since 2012 he also serves on the Conseil d’Administration of Paris University Dauphine. Since 2012 he is director of the Montesquieu Institute Maastricht and he is Head of the Public Law Department. In 2013 he worked as European Co-Dean of the China EU School of Law in Beijing.

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Over Sascha Hardt

Sascha Hardt is Assistant Professor of Comparative Constitutional Law at Maastricht University.

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Collected Recommendations 1

Legal Education
I Legal Education: Different Models and Their Commonalities 15
Aalt Willem Heringa
II Pendidikan Hukum diIndonesia: Antara Pendidikan Akademis dan Profesi 25
Nurul Bazirah

Labour Market
III The Impact of Professional Requirements on the Academic Nature of a Law Curriculum 47
Sjoerd Claessens
IV Running an Internship Office 61
Kathleen Mertens
V Implementasi Merdeka Belajar Kampus Merdeka Melalui Pemagangan – Pengalaman Fakultas Hukum Universitas Borneo Tarakan 69
Yahya Ahmad Zein

VI Skills in Legal Education: Where to Start? 79
Fokke Fernhout
VII Keterampilan Hukum dalam Pendidikan Hukum 89
Radian Salman
VIII Moot Courts in European Legal Education 97
Thomas Biermeyer, Alezini Loxa & Georges Vallindas
IX Optimalisasi Moot Court sebagai Sarana Pembelajaran Praktik Hukum 109
Iqbal Felisiano
X The Use of Case Law in the Legal Curriculum: Why and How? 117
Jan M. Smits
XI Kajian Putusan Pengadilan Dalam Pengajaran di Fakultas Hukum di Era Digital – Manfaat dan Tantangan 127
Maradona & Oheo K. Haris
XII Legal Education: The Role of Comparative and Global Law 135
Aalt Willem Heringa
XIII Penguasaan Perbandingan Hukum sebagai Keterampilan Khusus
Bidang Hukum di Indonesia 145
Mahendra Putra Kurnia, Emilda Kusprangingrum & Rika Erawaty
XIV The Integration of Research in Legal Teaching 155
Sascha Hardt
Ethical Standards
XV A Legal Ethics Course for Judges: A Dutch Experience 163
Kees Sterk
XVI Pemikiran untuk Penguatan Pendidikan Etika Profesi Hukum 169
XVII Teaching Good Governance and the Rule of Law 185
Sascha Hardt
XVIII Rule of Law dan Good Governance dalam Pendidikan Hukum Indonesia 195
Saldi Isra & Rosa Ristawati

Modes of Delivery
XIX Making Teaching Interactive – Experiments From the Maastricht European Law School 209
Bram Akkermans
XX Transformasi Model Pembelajaran Dari Aktif-Interaktif Ke PBL 217
Jani Purnawanty
XXI Blended Learning: A Label as Barrier 227
Nicolai Manie & Barend Last
Quality and Societal Impact
XXII Quality Assurance Mechanisms and Standards 237
Evelien Stinkens
XXIII Collaboration Among Law Schools and With Society 249
Aalt Willem Heringa
XXIV Kolaborasi Antar Institusi Pendidikan Hukum dan Masyarakat
Profesi Hukum 257
Reny R. Masu & Radian Salman

XXV Future-Oriented Lessons for Legal Education: Some Concluding Comments 267
Aalt Willem Heringa

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        Legal Education in the 21st Century