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Change Management Adventures

28 stories to develop your expertise

E-book Epub met watermerkbeveiliging Engels 2015 9789492004307
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Many of us are involved in organisational change processes. In this book we look at organisational change as an adventure. It contains twenty-eight stories about the practice of organizational change with reflections on the change process and the role of the change agent. The successful implementation of organisational change requires people who are ready to take the initiative and guide the change process.

This book offers inspiration, practical advice, and ways to combine and organize diverse insights for organisational change.


Trefwoorden:verandering, veranderen
Aantal pagina's:160
Uitgever:Warden Press


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Over Jaap Boonstra

Prof. dr. Jaap Boonstra is hoogleraar Organisatiedynamiek aan ESADE Business School in Barcelona. Hij is tevens visiting professor ‘Organizational change’ bij WU (Vienna University for Economics and Business). In Nederland is Jaap Boonstra verbonden aan de Nederlandse School voor Openbaar Bestuur (NSOB). In het verleden was hij hoogleraar ‘Organisatieverandering’ aan de Universiteit van Amsterdam. Als adviseur begeleidt hij maatschappelijke organisaties in complexe veranderingen. Recent publiceerde hij als schrijver of redacteur meerdere boeken in het Nederlands waaronder Leiders in cultuurverandering (Van Gorcum, 2014), Veranderen van Maatschappelijke Organisaties (Business Contact, 2017), Perspectieven op Veranderen (Management Impact, 2018), Perspectieven op Leiderschap (Management Impact, 2018) en Veranderen als Samenspel (Management Impact, 2018).

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About this book
Change is an adventure

Orientation of the land
1. Strategically naïve
The quality of untamed curiosity
2. Despondent
Taking your feelings seriously and getting involved
3. Know what you stand for
Open-minded observation and appreciative inquiry
4. Scarity and abundance
Looking for power for renewal

Getting the lay of the land
5. Coming clean
Cultural difference as a source of change
6. Scaredy-cats
About entering the discomfort zone
7. Sex
Breaking through taboos to get to the core
8. Convincing and communicating
Making real contact in an open dialogue

Imagining ambitions
9. Urgency and solidarity
Why urgency arouses paralysis
10. Organising desire
Imagining the future and appreciating professional pride
11. Doing business together
Why ready-made solutions often result in problems
12. Pictures of the future
If you agree about the future, the rest will take care itself

Travelling in the unknown
13. A good idea dangerous
About ideology, sense of direction and flexibility
14. Synergy
How vague projects contribute to uncertainty and arguments
15. Reasoned resistance
Taking others’ experience seriously
16. What am I doing wrong that makes him som mad?
About self-reflection, appreciation and trust

Tackling the unexpected
17. Culture change
Why it’s better if not everyone thinks the same
18. Destruction
Breaking new ground fearlessly
19. Do it the right way or do the right thing?
Showing your nerve by choosing new paths
20. Agility
About foresight and Strategic action

Looking for places to cross
21. Management: the meat in the sandwich
Managers as a special force in change
22. The power of conflict
Why it is better to tell the truth
23. Traumas
Making the non-discussable discussable
24. Emotions
The hidden power of emotions

Resting and recuperating
25. Smart
Emotionally clever is better than smart
26. With friends like that, who needs enemies?
About heroes and bunglers
27. Well-worn paths to failure
Eight ways to bungle a change
28. Awareness
About three forms of awareness

The lessons in perspective
Successful change
The end of a journey

References and inspiration
About the author

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        Change Management Adventures